Alarm Points
LU LU 1, Zhongfu (Center of Perfecture): 6 cun lateral to the midline of the chest, between the 1st and 2nd rib

LI ST 25,Tianshu (Celestial Pivot): 2 cun lateral to umbilicus

ST Ren 12, Zhongwan ((In the middle of the Stomach Pit): 4 cun above the umbilicus, Influential point for Fu organs

SP LIV 13, Zhangmen (Item Gate): at the tip of the 11th rib,
Influential Point for Tsang Organs

HT Ren 14, Juque (Large Palace Gate): 6 cun above umbilicus

SI Ren 4, Guanyuan (Surrounded Source Energy):
2 cun above Ren 2 or 3 cun below the umbilicus

BL Ren 3, Zhongji (In the Middle between the Poles): 1 cun above Ren 2 or 4 cun below the umbilicus

KI GB 25, Jingmen (Gate of the Capital): lower tip of the 12th rib

P Ren 17, Shanzhong (Middle of the chest): between the nipples at the 4th intercostal space, Influential point for Qi

TH Ren 5, Shimen (Stony Gate); 2 cun below the umbilicus

GB GB 24, Riyue (Sun and Moon): on the mamillary line in the 7th intercostal space, (one rib space below LIV 14)

LIV LIV 14, Qimen (Last Gate): on the mamillary line in the 6th intercostal space