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If you think it can't happen to you, think twice!!!!!

One of the most critical problems of heart disease is "disbelief". Many victims cannot accept the fact that the symptoms encountered are really serious and far too often, just believe that they will "just go away" .

Even though the symptoms may be intense for one person, another may experience only mild discomfort. Know the signs,
· Moderate or severe indigestion
· Severe or uncomfortable pressure in the center of the chest.
·Pain in the shoulders, neck or arms.
· Weakness or excessive fatigue.
·Heart palpitation.
·Cold sweat, paleness, anxiety.

Be aware, a person does not have to have all of the aforementioned symptoms to be experiencing heart disease, however one or more of the above should be investigated.

One particular heart condition which is seldom discussed yet is responsible for thousands of lives each year in America alone, is Cardiovascular Shock, sometimes known as Cardiovascular Insult but perhaps more popularly known by the name of its primary cause of "Dehydration".

Cardiovascular Insult occurs when the body becomes dehydrated plunging it into a state of shock. Dehydration is not a unique condition, but it is a situation that is often ignored especially at the subclinical stage which is just enough dehydration to be a potential problem but not enough to cause severe symptoms. Most often a person will upon feeling thirst, simply drink enough to satisfy the thirst but not necessarily enough to safeguard normal physiology.

In a great percentage of dehydration victims the first symptoms are often fatal. The tragedy of this condition is that it could have been avoided by simply increasing the intake of water.

Most recreational athletes as opposed to professionals, do not drink enough liquid to replace the fluids they lose during exercise. This includes golf!!!! What is more startling, is that as many as 80 percent of the American public are living in a continuous state of subclinical dehydration and are not even aware of it.

Research has proven that fluid demands in our body change rapidly making it impossible to use thirst as a reliable indicator of potential dehydration. The body absolutely requires between 48 to 64 oz of water each and every day. This equates to 6 to 8 large glasses of water daily (in Arizona, the need is far greater). A water bottle should be as much a part of every working person's and athlete's equipment as a hammer, tennis racket or golf club.

In addition, the minerals lost due to perspiration go much further than simply sodium and potassium. Science has proven, health is positively affected by the addition of 84 trace minerals in the general diet in the form of supplementation.

Sport, recreational and occupational deaths are increasing each year to Americans appearing to be at their peak of performance. How many of these deaths could have been prevented by the addition of a simple item called WATER!!!!!!!!!

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