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Edema and Swelling -- What Can Be Done?
September 23, 1994

John A. Amaro D.C., FIAMA, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)

Besides pain and fatigue, I think the condition I see most often, which is generally not looked upon as a condition but as a symptom of a much larger medical entity, is probably edema.

Edema in and of itself can sometimes be more of a problem for a patient than the condition which has created it. Even though most edema is generally seen in the lower extremities, it also affects every area of the body.

Prescription diuretics are effective, as are Vitamin C and several other natural occurring substances, but personally I find nothing quite as effective as acupuncture in the vast majority of these cases.

Obviously, there are going to be cases where more heroic measures need to be taken, but in the lion's share of the cases that we see in a typical chiropractic setting, the follow points are perhaps one of the most memorable formulas for this common problem.

KI 16 ... .05 inch bilateral to navel (CV 8)

KI 27 ... in small depression just below lower border
of clavicle 2 inches bilateral to CV

KI 2 ... (see diagram)

KI 3 ... midway between the medial malleolus and the

KI 6 ... one thumb-width below the medical malleolus

CV 9 ... one thumb-width above the navel (CV 9)this point is very important
SP 9 ... in the depression of the lower border of
the medical condyle of the tibia
SP 6 ... four fingers breadth above the medial
malleolus on the midline
GB 25 ... tip of the 12th rib

BL 23 ... 1.5 inch lateral to the lower border of
spinous of second lumbar vertebra


KI 27
CV 9
KI 16

FIG. 2

SP 9
SP 6

FIG. 3

GB 25
BL 23

FIG. 4

KI 3
KI 6
KI 2

Try stimulating these points with a quartz-piezo stimulator or HeNe
laser for greatest effect. Acupressure does not even receive
honorable mention.
Incidentally, I saw a patient lose 18 lbs. of water weight in seven
days with this formula. Let me know of your successes.

John A. Amaro D.C.,FIAMA, Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM)
Box 1003 Carefree, Arizona