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“Focused Healing and Personal Success”… attracting what we want or do not want!
John A. Amaro L.Ac., DC, FIAMA, Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM)

Quantum Physics and science have accepted the fact our physical, emotional and circumstantial environment is made up entirely of energy. Scientists have also reported the discovery of extremely small particles which are responsive to vibrations of thought. It has been shown that the actual movement and activities of these submicroscopic particles of energy change according to the expectation of the researcher.

The universal energy which pervades everything in existence is simplistically described as “negative” (Yin) or “positive” (Yang) and is in a constant state of vibration. Vibrations have two specific measurements, frequency and amplitude. The speed of the vibration is the frequency and the amplitude is the power or strength of the vibration.

All forms of energy physical, mental and spiritual are in a constant state of vibration. The non-physical world thoughts, sounds, emotions, words, etc. vibrate just as the physical world does. We "feel" vibrations and often comment that we "like the vibes" for example of a room or person. Our vibrations are determined by our mental state at any given time. It is believed we create with thoughts, but most of our thoughts are really automatic responses coming from our subconscious programs (our beliefs). These "thoughts" produce feelings and the combination of our thoughts and feelings radiate vibrations into the universe. All energy is electro-magnetic, and all forms of energy are continually attracting and repelling other forms. What is not generally understood is that the human mind is one of the most powerful sources of energy on the planet, and by the Law of Attraction, the vibrations from our mind attract to us the people, things, conditions, situations, circumstances and events that we resonate in harmony with. These, whether desired or undesired, become our life.

Like radio broadcasts and receivers, the human mind, sends and receives vibrations. Just as thousands of radio stations are vibrating programs and we only pick up the one our radio receiver resonates with, so we only pick up (attract to ourselves) what we resonate with. All other vibrations pass us by.

Since we literally create our lives (consciously and unconsciously) with our vibrations, the way to get what we want is to change our point of attraction by changing our vibrations.

The act of creating situations in our life is simply focusing on a thought and attracting to ourselves whatever is in resonance or vibrational harmony with our focus of attention. These can be both positive or negative thoughts. We focus attention through thought. Every thought has its own frequency and attracts back to us whatever resonates in harmony with that frequency. We strengthen the amplitude of our thoughts by concentrating upon them and energizing them with strong emotion. The stronger the emotion the more powerful the vibration we send into the Universe. We truly get what we really want as well as what we really do not want. It totally depends upon the focus.

We receive into our lives what we attract into it by the focus of attention. This is done through thoughts, feelings and actions. Thoughts are the ultimate tool to use for creative processes as feelings are and actions are a direct result of thoughts.

Whatever we have in life, health, finances, career, family, etc. is attracted to us because we are in vibrational harmony with it. The higher the rate of the vibrations with focused intention and we are always radiating our vibrations, the more likely we are to experience the positive aspects of life.

There are numerous things that affect energy vibrations, acupuncture, chiropractic, color, light, music, herbs etc. The most powerful way of changing your vibrations, however, is learning to master your mental and emotional state. Because of the negative beliefs we carry in our subconscious mind (our mental programming), we may consciously choose and vibrate positive thoughts, while our subconscious vibrates a negative emotion. When we don't specifically consciously choose our thoughts (which is most of the time), the vibrations we radiate come from our subconscious beliefs. Most of our unpleasant thoughts and emotions are really automatic responses caused by programming. The effect of subconscious vibrations explains why we can affirm and visualize what we want, yet attract something totally different, often something we don't want.

It is essential to identify and change our subconscious programs. Become vitally aware of thoughts and feelings. Never bury or ignore feelings or emotions because they're unpleasant or because we are not "supposed" to feel fear, anger, jealousy, hate, etc. These emotions are part of being human, and, in truth, feelings are to our advantage, for they reveal our beliefs and let us know when we are consciously or unconsciously focused upon and therefore, in resonance with, something we find undesirable. Uncomfortable feelings are "signals" telling us to examine our thoughts and beliefs, for these are the cause of negative emotions. Always acknowledge and experience our feelings; then look for the underlying thought, which can lead to the negative belief. If we ignore or try to bury negative emotions, the energy gets stored in the psyche where it continues to vibrate without our awareness, creating and attracting illness, accidents and other unpleasant circumstances.

We can only attract what we vibrate harmoniously with. Nothing comes into our life uninvited. In other words nothing comes into our life unless we are in energetic resonance with it. This includes situations, conditions, people, circumstances etc. either wanted or unwanted. It is impossible for something to be part of our experience unless our own vibratory frequency is in resonance with it. We attract what we are in harmony with and repel what we are not in harmony with. We can be in harmony with situations we do not want based on the fact we often express and vibrate negative emotions of fear, guilt, anger, etc attracting those conditions and situations which are not life productive, even if at the subconscious level.

People and circumstances are in resonance with each other when their ultimate force fields are the same and when the vibrations have enough strength (amplitude) to interact. When their ultimate force fields are inharmonious, they repel each other. When they are too weak to impact upon each other, they also repel. If they don’t attract they automatically repel regardless of if we are thinking in that direction. This is why it is imperative to have focus and energetic thoughts for a specific action be it in healing or in our personal or business lives.

If we understand that everything in nature every emotion, thing, person, situation, circumstance etc. is energy on the physical, mental, emotional, material and metaphysical planes and is in a constant state of attracting and repelling, we can look at our life and see how it was possible for us to have attracted the people, conditions, circumstances, situations and things that have been drawn into and continue to be drawn into our lives.

Our thoughts create our point of attraction. Our feelings energize our thoughts. It is with our thoughts that we determine what we give attention to and focus upon. Our thoughts also cause our emotional responses and motivate our actions. Only by being in control of our thoughts can we control our own vibratory field. By controlling our thoughts we control what we transmit into the Universe and therefore what we attract back to ourselves. This is a conscious deliberate act. While meditation and prayer are undeniably beneficial spiritual activities it is only when they are focused that we consciously create our life.

To create what we want is not dependent upon anyone or anything outside of ourselves. It is dependent upon our own vibratory field for the Universe will match whatever we resonate in harmony with.

Sustained, focused thought is the most powerful vibration in existence. Thought penetrates walls and travels across the street as well as across the country and the continents. This has nothing to do with those who are considered psychic or clairvoyant it is true for virtually everyone.

Because we emotionally charge and thereby give more power to some of our thoughts (many time the negative ones) and because we have multitudes of thoughts many of them in conflict with each other, it is difficult for us to see or understand the power of our thoughts and how they attract our experiences to us.

The Universal Laws of Focused Success are not difficult to understand, however, many are contrary to our familial and social upbringing and may take direct concentrated effort to put into effect. Once we “get it” it is with us for ever. Nothing than is impossible.

John A. Amaro L.Ac., DC, FIAMA, Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM) (IAMA)