The following chart is a specific reference page for the use of Probotanixx professional Chinese Herbs. These herbal combinations are primarily from ancient time tested formulae many of which are over 400 years old with some as historic as 1,800 years.

Their effectiveness is legendary. Here you will find formulae for the most common conditions seen in a general practice. No prior knowledge of the Theoretical Foundations of Chinese Medicine is necessary in order to successfully utilize these herbs.

In order to utilize the chart simply scroll the page, paying attention to the heading the health condition may be located. Find the symptomatology which matches or comes closest to the one shown in the chart. Click on the abbreviated name of the formulae to bring up an entire reference page which shows the specific formulary used for the herb in addition to the names of the herbs in the formulae which are shown in Chinese, Latin and Pinyin. Also shown are indications, recommended dosage, rationale from both Western and Eastern methods and traditional uses of each of the herbs used.


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