Recommended Reading Book List
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300_Img012_160h.jpg (6142 bytes) PERSONAL EXPERIENCE POINTS

This book compiled by Dr. John A. Amaro lists and illustrates his "personal experience points" for more than 100 conditions.  A MUST!


A9811103_quick_180w.jpg (8021 bytes) POCKET REFERENCE GUIDE

Illustrates all 14 internal and external meridian pathways.  Ear, hand and cerebral points also shown.


306_Img018_160h.jpg (9645 bytes) BROCHURES

"Acupuncture and Meridian Therapy", Fully explained.  Authored by Dr. John A. Amaro, it is used extensively by some of the largest clinics and Institutes in the world. Package of 200.


Dictionary of Acupuncture

Ralf Alan Dale Ph. D.
Written by one of the true pioneers of Acupuncture in Norht America. This book may be one of the most valuable in your library. 430 pp.


Sacred Mirrors

The Visionary Art of Alex Gray.

Without question, one of the most powerful books of anatomical and metaphysical art illustrations ever produced. The graphics of the acupuncture meridians alone are worthy to own this book.


The Science of Acupuncture Therapy

Richard Cheng MD. Ph.D.
Joseph Wong MD.
One of the first books concereningneurophysiology and acupuncture. The work earned Dr. Cheng his Ph.D. The authors were among the first researchers to study endorphins. RECOMMENDED


Acupuncture Diagnosis Utilizing Electro Meridian Imaging

Dennis Baker D.C., FIAMA, (ADV)
A simplified explanation of the practice and procedures of Ryodoraku examination (EMI)

Acupuncture: Special Function Points

Ralph Alan Dale Ph.D.
A unique explanation of the derivations, locations, energetic functions and clinical uses of the 35 categories of special function acupoints.
Paperback 205 pp.


BioElectric Vitality

Richard H. Lee.
Exploring the Science of Human Energy. Corona Discharge (Kirlian) photography reveals fundamental principles about our electromagnetic nature similar to those described in ancient Chinese texts. This book provides persuasive evidence that bioelectric vitality is a measurable scientific reality that is fast becoming the basis for biological sciences.

Hardcover 80 pages


Your Body Can Talk

Susan L. Levy DC. FIAMA; Carol Lehr M.A.
Very good book correlating acupuncture with clinical kinesiology and muscle testing. Illustrations are from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Levy has devoted years to the successful practice of kinesiology.

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