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The Acupuncture Comprehensive Prescription Index

Reputedly one of the most extensive acupuncture prescription indexes ever published in any language. Includes thousands of formulae of both Western and Oriental diagnostic categories.

Hard cover 560 p. $125.00
Soft cover 560 p. $95.00




This is the official revision of the "Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture" used by the International Acupuncture Training Centers in Beijing, Shanghia, and Nanjing. Presented in 18 chapters, it begins with a brief history, followed by a discussion of yin-yang and the five phases, a review of the zang, fu, and their interrelationships, a discourse on qi, blood, and body fluids, a description of the meridians and collaterals, and location of the acupuncture points.

Cheng Xin-nong; H. 544 pp.

Acupuncture Points: Images & Functions

The author has compiled descriptions of the images and functions of approximately 250 acupoints. Each discussion includes: location, classification, image, functions, associated indications, and contraindications. A separate chapter presents descriptions of traditional functions and associated points organized in table form. A dictionary identifies the characters used in point names and the different points that contain each character. There is an index of points arranged by channel with alphanumeric identification, pinyin, and English translation. Both classical and modern sources are referenced. The text sheds considerable light on function descriptions.

Arnie Lade; Hardcover, 363 pages

Acupuncture Energetics: Workbook for Diagnostics & Treatment

The author describes a variety of acupuncture treatment strategies, including local-distal points, mu-shu points, source and connecting luo points, five element and five shu points, xi-cleft points, and points for qi, blood, and fluid. The treatments are accompanied by an explanation of yin/yang and the five phases, a description of a nine-step process for energetic evaluation and diagnosis, and a review of zang fu patterns. The exercise questions that follow aid students in practicing diagnosis by following an outline for sample case studies; an answer key is in the appendix.

Mark Seem; paperback, 144 pages.

Acupuncture Meridian Theory & Acupuncture Points

Presented in a language and style consistent with modern mainland texts, this book offers a more extensive description of meridians and points than may be found in comparable first-year texts, such as Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Li Ding; Hardcover book, 414 pages

Acupuncture for Animals

Sheldon Altman; P. 295 pp

Acupuncture for Children
(New & Revised Edition)

The first section of this revised and expanded edition discusses the theory and unique characteristics of pediatric acupuncture, including the causes of disease in children, diagnosis, and special concerns. The second section focuses on 27 specific pediatric disorders, including etiology and pathology, clinical manifestations and differentiation of patterns, and treatment and prognosis. The third section provides numerous detailed case histories.

Julian Scott, Teresa Barlow; H. 400 pp

Acupuncture, A Comprehensive Text

One of the first English-language reference works on acupuncture points, this text has greatly contributed to the development of acupuncture outside of China. The introduction covers the main elements of diagnosis and treatment, while the main part of the text is a modern point reference work developed by the Shanghai College of TCM. Covering fundamental information for the practice of acupuncture, this book is one of the handful of English-language texts to have been given scholarly recognition, as well as being required reading for U.S. licensure examinations.

Dan Bensky, John Oconnor; H. 741 pp

Book of Acupuncture Points

There is an essential difference between this book and the other point books available, one of considerable value to practitioners. The book is concerned with neither the basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine nor the summarization of acupuncture for general purposes. Rather, it is a formulary and clinical reference developed from the clinical tradition of Ching Tan An, Tsang Tien Chi, and Tin Yau So. It uniquely portrays the teacher-to-apprentice system of instruction, a system that played an important role in the transmission of clinical information prior to the synthesis of TCM in the post-war period.

James T.Y. So; H. 294 pp

Acupuncture: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

This book introduces general readers to basic questions and answers concerning acupuncture and Chinese medicine. The first section covers acupuncture technique, diagnosis, and treatment. The next section gives an overview of Chinese medicine and its underlying theories. The last section answers questions about topics such as organ dysfunctions, diet, cancer, AIDS, and emergencies, provides case studies, and suggests further reading.

Gary F. Fleischman; P. 160 pp

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