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Complete Illustrated Guide to Feng Shui

Feng Shui ("wind and water") is the ancient Chinese metaphysical science or art of living in harmony with your environment in order to promote health, wealth, and happiness. Lillian Too is offers her years of experience with feng shui in The Complete Illustrated Guide To Feng Shui. Too provides the practical information needed to understand and apply feng shui principles to their own environments and lives.

Lillian Too; Paperback, 224 pages

Feng Shui, Ancient Wisdom or Harmonious Living
Describing feng shui as the art of reading the patterns of the universe and living in harmony with the environment, the author provides a comprehensive course in feng shui basics, offering step-by-step guidance in analyzing sites, buildings, and interiors. The concepts and theoretical foundations of Taoist cosmology, the Chinese calendar, the pa k’ua (eight trigrams) diagram, the geomantic compass, are all described and made familiar to the reader. Whether choosing a home site, locating a business, or planning a neighborhood, observing the feng shui will help to achieve harmony with the energies of the earth and environment.

Eva Wong; Hardcover, 276 pages


Feng Shui For Business

Discussions of how feng shui affects the design and orientation of urban and commercial buildings include factors such as the surrounding physical environment, the orientation of the main door in relation to the I Ching, the luck and virtue of the owners and management. Form and proportion, lighting and color, ventilation, landscaping, furniture, even the name of the business, have feng shui import. Case studies illuminate the information presented.

Evelyn Lip; Paperback, 106 pages


Feng Shui, Chinese Art of Placement

Based on her experience and training in Hong Kong with Master Lin Yun, Rossbach describes aspects of rural, townscape, urban, interior, and house feng shui. Beneficial and propitious arrangements are described, as well as cures for aspects of the feng shui that are harmful or disruptive.

Sara Rossbach; Paperback, 169 pages



Lao-Tzu: Te Tao Ching

A careful translation of this famous text, made from the recently discovered silk scrolls at Ma-Wang Tui, contains the manuscripts of two versions of Lao Tzu’s work. Differences are noted in Part 2 with text, commentary and notes, chapter by chapter. The prefatory and introductory matter contains fascinating information on the texts, the manuscripts, the versions, and the philosophy.

Robert Henricks; Hardcover, 282 pages


Acupressures Potent Points

This book authoritatively explains self-care and wellness through acupressure. Illustrated with hundreds of photos and line drawings, and written in clear, accessible language, it shows how to relieve everyday aches, pains, and common ailments such as colds and flu, PMS, arthritis, foot problems, eye strain, hangovers, headaches, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, shoulder tension, toothache, and indigestion. Acupressure not only offers relief from pain, stress, and fatigue, it is cost-efficient and can prevent the unpleasant side effects of many medications.

Michael Gach; Paperback, 252 pages



Atlas of Manipulative Techniques for the Cranium and Face

This work offers a diverse selection of more than 100 effective bone manipulation techniques from worldwide medical traditions. Arranged by the bone to be treated, the purpose and performance of each technique is explained in detail, including positioning of the practitioner's hands and the movement of each of the fingers. Its extensive contents, illustrations, and oversize format make this text ideal for clinical use

Alain Gehin; Hardcover, 251 pages


Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

This text provides clear instructions regarding examination of the tongue in the context of its relationship to the internal organs and the eight principles. It includes the detail of tongue spirit, body color, shape, and coating; case histories; and eight four-color pages of 40 plates. In the appendices following the text, the basic information is presented in relationship to organizational principles of the Shang Han Lun, the Wen Re Lun, and the Three Burners classification. A further appendix summarizes the principal points in tables. There is a discussion of tongue appearances that signify dangerous conditions, and a glossary of 27 Chinese terms most important to the text.

Giovanni Maciocia; Hardcover, 164 pages



Who Can Ride the Dragon

An excellent book for the new student! This text provides insight into the depth and subtlety of traditional Chinese medicine by delving into the linguistic and cultural wellsprings of China’s venerable past. The authors’ knowledge, thoughtfulness, and dedication to their topic clearly radiate from every page. Steven Given, Dean of Clinical Education at Yo San University, has this to say of the book: "Their interweaving of language, religion and culture results in a cogent and highly readable discourse that ties together the elements of culture and medicine. Zhang and Rose’s examination of the etymology and structure of the Chinese language is a major contribution to our understanding of how traditional Chinese medicine functions today."

Yu Huan Zhang, Ken Rose; Paperback, 240 pages


Web that has no Weaver

This is a full and richly presented text that introduces Oriental medical concepts to readers unfamiliar with these ideas. The material presented is derived from modern Chinese practice of acupuncture and herbology, supported by clinical sketches and references to authoritative Chinese sources. By emphasizing the holistic aspects of Chinese medicine, this book has connected acupuncture and herbology to American and European social trends in favor of alternate forms of medical practice. By introducing the ideas of Chinese medicine with familiar terms, and in relation to Western traditions, it has opened the minds of a generation.

Ted Kaptchuck; Paperback, 500 pages

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