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Veterinary Acupuncture, Ancient Art to Modern Medicine New Edition

The clinical experiences of 30 veterinary acupuncturists combine in this book to cover techniques and instrumentation, classification of points, atlases, and treatment using acupuncture for musculoskeletal, neurologic, intervertebral, cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, reproductive, dermatologic and immune system disorders for dogs, cats, birds, horses, cattle and pigs.

Allen Schoen; Hardcover, 707 pages

Therapeutic Lasers

Concise in format yet comprehensive in scope, this book provides a biophysical background to the use of laser devices in therapeutic applications, containing reviews of current research findings (basic and clinical), the principles of safe and sound practice with laser devices, treatment guidelines, and detailed calculation of dosages and optimum selection of irradiation parameters. Discussions include low-level applications for pain relief and lasers for wound healing. Illustrative photos and case histories provide further useful information.

G David Baxter; Hardcover, 260 pages

How to See Your Health: The Book of Oriental Diagnosis
Useful for anyone wishing to analyze and thereby improve her own health or that of loved ones. (Would be an valuable resource for therapists, counselors, and other health care providers.) Easy to read and understand but loaded with info. You learn a lot more about yourself than just the details of your physical condition! Deals with the same topic but is much more detailed than "Your Face Never Lies" by the same author. Not an encyclopedic work, but pretty comprehensive.

Michio Kushi ; Paperback: 160 pages

Your Face Never Lies

This rudimentary book explicates and interprets lines and configurations of the face, hands, and body areas, as well as voice and handwriting, according to macrobiotic principles of dietary consumption which have their roots in Oriental medicine.

Michio Kushi; Paperback, 82 pages

Awaken Healing Light

This book offers beginning and advanced practical instructions on how to circulate your chi (or life force) in the microcosmic orbit, a simple loop that runs up the spine and down the anterior acupuncture channels of the body. Chia suggests that balancing the yin and yang currents of bioenergy circulating in this loop is the most direct path to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Mantak Chia; Paperback, 561 pages

Two Dragons of Dim Mak

Written by a Grand Master with 38 years of experience in dim mak, martial arts, and acupuncture, this text reveals how the Shaolin dim mak pressure points used in self-defense martial arts techniques can be used to heal illness and to save lives. It describes the most powerful points, how to locate them quickly, and why they are so effective. The description includes points and massage and acupressure techniques for self-healing. There is an index for easy reference.

Tsui-Po Pier; Paperback, 208 pages

Soft-Tissue Manipulation

This is a guide for practitioners and students in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction and reflex activity. The techniques described include the Muscle Energy Technique and the Strain- Counterstrain Technique, each of which employs the soft tissue to achieve their effects. Also described are the neurovascular reflexes and other specific techniques.

Leon Chaitow; Hardcover, 270 pages

Spinal Manipulation Made Simple

The author's focus is on the problem of joint fixations underlying many soft tissue pain syndromes, and most particularly on soft tissue release to ease back pain and achieve comfortable body alignment. Using a gentler soft tissue release technique, as contrasted with thrusting techniques, joint fixations in the spine, sacrum, pelvis, and ribcage can be adjusted, without causing the patient unnecessary pain. These soft tissue techniques, coupled with the author's understanding of how the spine gets in and out of trouble, comprise the content of this book.

Jeffrey Mailtand; Paperback, 164 pages

Book of Chakra Healing

Loaded with colorful illustrations, this informative book covers the basics (and beyond) of the chakra system. It combines the attractive visuals of a coffee-table book with good, thorough explanations and exercises for those who wish to identify and use chakra energies to benefit themselves and improve their interactions with the world around them. There are chapters devoted to each of the individual chakras, and other sections include overview information, a glossary and resource list, and a look at "integrative approaches."

Liz Simpson; Paperback, 143 pages

Eastern Body Western Mind- Psychology and the Chakra System*
This book on the chakra system explains Eastern theory by way of Western psychology. It focuses on vital issues in therapy today: addiction, codependence, physical and sexual abuse, family dynamics, character structures, personal empowerment, feminism, male emancipation, sexuality, politics, and spirituality. It integrates techniques from bioenergetics to visualization, depth psychology to spiritual practice. Arranged schematically, the book uses the inherent structure of the chakra system as a map on which to chart the Western understanding of individual development, allowing the realization of the spiritual nature of personality development with the structural logic of the body. Each chakra is discussed in its own chapter. Body types specific to each are also discussed, as are particular pathologies.

Anodea Judith; Paperback, 502 pages

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