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Clean Needle Technique- Manual for Acupuncturists

This book accurately covers all the information and techniques required to safely handle needles in a clinical setting. It describes the clinical application of microbiology to the practice of acupuncture, including infection control, sterilization, disinfection, antisepsis, and needle disposal or resterilization. It details cardiovascular, iatrogenic, infectious, and other complications and contraindications to safe acupuncture treatment, and finally provides clinical protocols including needle insertion and ear needle insertion. A must-have reference and study text for students and practitioners alike.

Jenny Belluomini; Paperback, 76 pages

  Clean Needle Technique Manual for Acupuncturists
Fourth Edition

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Guidelines and Standards for the Clean and Safe Clinical Practice of Acupuncture

Highly Recommended! 59 Pages.

Acupuncture for Everyone
Dan Brown, L.Ac.
"...succinctly yet thoroughly covers all the basics of acupuncture history, philosophy, causes of disease, means of diagnosis, and methods of treatment..."

Ruth Kidson; Paperback,
168 pages.

Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth
(Churchill Livingstone) Concise, abundantly illustrated and practical guide to using acupuncture to treat women throughout their pregnancy and labor. Covers physiology related to pregnancy and childbirth, and illuminates links between Western knowledge and acupuncture approaches. Suggests points and point combinations for particular stages and actions.
Zita West; Hardcover,
280 pages

Acupuncture Treatment of Pain

The author presents acupuncture as an effective pain control method for healing professionals to use as an adjunct to Western methods. Presented by disease category, both body and ear points are recommended for alleviating pain. In addition to formulas for pain treatment, there are also chapters on acupuncture anesthesia and the treatment of addiction.

Leon Chaitow; Paperback, 188 pages

Acupuncture Point Combinations, Key to Clinical Success

This text draws upon the author's extensive study, practice, and teaching of acupuncture. Numerous and sundry constellations of points are discussed from many different angles so that practitioners of varying degrees of experience and understanding can utilize them effectively.

Jeremy Ross; Hardcover, 476 pages

Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture

This text presents a thorough view of classical acupuncture alongside the modern approach. It has several unique features that have contributed to its popularity. First, the authors have applied a precise method of translation that allows the clinical experience of both modern and classical Chinese authors to be transmitted directly. Second, the text provides the most consistent information at the lowest cost. Third, it provides a more systematic arrangement of study material.

Andrew Ellis, Nigel Wiseman; Paperback, 484 pages

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